Commercial Wildlife Removal

Commercial Wildlife Removal

Call for help with commercial wildlife problems near San Pedro. Get rid of wildlife from your office and commercial properties. Years of experience allows us to know the best solution as well as the best equipment for the job. We will protect your building and your people. Some WCOs do not understand that sometimes there are different solutions to use for commercial wildlife problems. Our goal is to remove the pest wildlife the safest way possible.

We also want to make sure the issues do not come up again. Our commercial wildlife control technicians are trained and equipped to handle commercial wildlife control. Wild animal problems with commercial buildings are common. They are found in manufacturing facilities, parking garages, high rises. Universities, schools, and government buildings are also prone to issues. We provide our clients with humane and discreet wildlife removal.

Training and Certification

Working with commercial buildings may require the use of specialized equipment. Our technicians have the training and certification. We make sure they have the proper skills and experience needed to handle all commercial wildlife issues. Our training and safety program complies with all regulations.

Solving a wildlife problem often requires the removal of the pest animals. In most cases this process requires trapping. We do trapping in a safe and discreet manner. We want to try and minimizing stress to the animals and exposure to anyone.

Commercial Wildlife Damage Repair

Commercial Wild Animal Damage

When wildlife gets into a San Pedro commercial building they can create a good deal of damage. They create damage as they enter the building. They create damage with the urine and excrement. There is also the potential of bites or illness due to wild animals. Our team is trained to remove the animals and their damage safely from your building.

We will work with the business to find the best way to clean out the animals and their damage with minimal interference. We want to make your building, the staff and the customers safe from any wild animal damage in Los Angeles County, CA. Our goal is to do this with our affecting your daily business. Call for an inspection today.

Commercial Wildlife Removal How-to

  1. Inspection – A complete site inspection should be performed. This inspection will determine what type of animal is affecting your property. It will also determine the damage that they have caused. The inspection will also show how they are getting into the building.
  2. Evaluation – Once the inspection is complete create a plan for wildlife removal. This plan needs to include the safety of your employees and customers. If possible it should be done when they aren’t present. It’s important to be discreet.
  3. Removal – Using trapping, baiting or repellents, remove all wild animals from the property. For example bird removal may require netting, spikes, gels or laser deterrents to keep them from returning.
  4. Exclusion – Where possible seal any entry points. Fix damage that the animals caused entering the property. Seal any holes or gaps that they may have used to enter the building. If it isn’t possible to seal the area, (birds on roof) then deterrents will need to be used.
  5. Damage Repair – Once the animals have been excluded, the damage needs to be fixed. Their droppings must be removed. These droppings can be hazardous to the building and the people. Entry holes need to be sealed.